Twitch Unveils October's Free Games & Free Soundtrack Music

A pair of announcements out of Twitch today, the first one talking about music usage and the other about Free Games With Prime. We'll start with he soundtrack music, as many twitch users are aware, music companies decided over the summer to bombard the platform with DCMA complaints. Which is problematic for people who use music int he backgroundof their videos. So Twitch has launched a new program this  morning into beta called Soundtrack by Twitch, a new tool made specifically for Twitch creators that will allow them to feature licensed music on their streams. Soundtrack will have more than a million tracks available from over 30 independent labels and distributors, rang9ing from known hits all the way to instrumental tunes. Some of the places participating are Alpha Pup, Anjunabeats, Chillhop, DistroKid, EMPIRE, Future Classic, Monstercat, Nuclear Blast, Soundcloud, and United Masters. Here's a few of the quotes from various companies on the movement.

You'll now have music for your stream without worrying about a DMCA.
You'll now have music for your stream without worrying about a DMCA.

"This launch from Twitch is a gamechanger for independent artists everywhere," – Steve Stoute, Founder & CEO of UnitedMasters

"Twitch is quickly becoming a dominant force in the music industry, and DistroKid's million+ artists can all benefit from Soundtrack." – Philip Kaplan, Founder/CEO of DistroKid

"We're thrilled to bring a selection of our catalogue to Soundtrack. The crossover between gaming and dance music runs deep, and it's a thrill for us when fans discover our catalogue through a Twitch creator." – Anjunabeats

"We Believe that Twitch is a companion platform to SoundCloud in that we are both passionate about helping creators make a living through their audiences online, on their own terms. We are excited to partner with such a like minded platform In an effort to build towards a uniform goal of creator empowerment." – Jeff Ponchick VP, Head of Repost at SoundCloud

"I believe that the best moments in life bring us together. Great moments deserve great music. I am grateful and excited to contribute to the Twitch community by making my music available on Soundtrack to fuel new memories." – Don Diablo

"We think that Soundtrack offers a great chance not only for streamers to be able to find some great music for their streams but also for artists and their music to be discovered and recognized." – Dig Dis!

"Gaming and music drive today's culture and Soundtrack is the next essential step to support this thriving community." – Ghazi Shami, CEO and Founder of EMPIRE

"I was excited to participate in Soundtrack because I know how much my own audience loves to listen to music alongside me, and the thought of allowing other creators the opportunity to have access to my music was extremely exciting." – mxmtoon

A look at the five games for Free Games With Prime in October 2020.
A look at the five games for Free Games With Prime in October 2020.

Meanwhile, the company also revealed all of the Free Games With Prime coming to the service tomorrow for October 2020. While they didn't reveal the full details of all the little bonuses they usually hand out in partnered titles, they at least gave us the five free games you're getting. The five games are Layers of Fear, Silver Chains, Dead Age, Surf World Series, and Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl. They will be available to you through a Prime membership used on Prime Gaming. We also learned that Prime Members can earn up to $2m in Grand Theft Auto Online by linking their Amazon and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts, and that those who do the same with Apex Legends character will get an exclusive skin for Lifeline on October 16th.

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