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Twitch Unveils October's Free Games & Free Soundtrack Music
The five games are Layers of Fear, Silver Chains, Dead Age, Surf World Series, and Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl They will be available to you through a Prime membership used on Prime Gaming We also learned that Prime Members can earn up to $2m in Grand Theft Auto Online by linking their Amazon[...]
Layers of Fear 2 Receives a New Trailer and Updates
The folks over at Gun Media have released a couple of videos showing off the horror to come in the highly anticipated Layers of Fear 2 The first is a brand new trailer where if you weren't creeped out the first time about looking for horrors on a boat, you sure as hell will this[...]
Bloober Team Drops a Debut Trailer for Layers of Fear 2
Out of the blue this week, we have a debut trailer for a much-anticipated sequel as we finally get a look at Layers Of Fear 2 For months, the developers at Bloober Team were lying to us about a particular project they were working on, saying that they had a new game in the works simply[...]
Layers Of Fear: Legacy Coming To The Switch In 2018
Bloober Team officially announced today that Layers Of Fear: Legacy will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch sometime early next year, and even put out a trailer to mark the occasion There's no official date set for the game's release, but if the trailer is any indication to the game's graphics, it looks[...]
Layers Of Fear and its Soundtrack are Free on Humble Bundle
The fairly well-received Layers of Fear game is free to pick up on Humble Bundle right now. If you've been keeping up with all the free games coming out at the moment, you might well have a pretty stocked library of games to play over the holidays, and those titles keep on coming If you go[...]
'Layers Of Fear: Legacy' Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch is getting a psychological thriller added to its library as Layers Of Fear: Legacy has been announced for the console Below is the trailer hyping the game's inclusion on the system, along with a description of the game from developer Bloober Team and publisher Aspyr Media No official release date was added to[...]