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Prime Gaming Reveals Full List Of Free Twitch Games For March 2021
Twitch revealed all of the upcoming goodies headed your way with Free Games With Prime as we enter March 2021 First off, the five main games you'll be getting for free this month are Blasphemous, Bomber Crew Deluxe, Boomerang Fu, SkyDrift, and Tengami All five of them will be yours to claim for good if[...]
Twitch Unveils October's Free Games & Free Soundtrack Music
A pair of announcements out of Twitch today, the first one talking about music usage and the other about Free Games With Prime We'll start with he soundtrack music, as many twitch users are aware, music companies decided over the summer to bombard the platform with DCMA complaints Which is problematic for people who use[...]
Twitch Reveals The 
Twitch revealed their next Free Games With Prime lineup this morning as we get a look at what's available in September 2020 Kicking off on September 1st, the program will give you five free games right off the bat Those five titles are Autonauts, Pumped BMX Pro, Effie, Tiny Troopers Joint Ops, and Outcast: Second[...]
Twitch Reveals Free Games With Prime For August 2020
Twitch revealed today all of the games that will be available and participating in Free Games With Prime for August 2020 In total, you'll have 23 free games available right now to claim, along with several that will have bonus content available only to those who have linked the game with their Twitch Prime account[...]
Twitch Adds Bonus Free Games For July's Free Games With Prime
Twitch decided to up the ante a little more on Free Games With Prime as they have added more bonus games to the program this month The company has added Melbits World and Vane to the system, bringing your grand total of free games up to seven in July with Turok 2: Seeds of Evil,[...]
Twitch Reveals The Free Games With Prime For July 2020
This morning, Twitch revealed all of the games and content that will be coming out through Free Games With Prime for July 2020 We now know that Prime members can claim five games this month totally for free (Yes, we know, you pay for Twitch Prime, but you're not buying five games Don't be that[...]
Twitch Reveals Their Free Games With Prime For June 2020
Those of you with a Twitch Prime subscription are in for a world of goodies as the company revealed Free Games With Prime for June 2020 The word came down on Twitter this morning, revealing the give games that would be available for free with your subscription Those games are Forsaken Remastered, Observer, Project Warlock, Steel Rats, and[...]
Twitch Reveals Their March 2020 "Free Games With Prime"
Twitch has revealed all of the games coming to Free Games With Prime for March 2020, as well as all the special additions you can get On March 2nd, the five free games on the way will be Furi, Bomber Crew, Epistory Typing Chronicles, Whispers of a Machine, and Mugster What's more, several of the[...]
Twitch Shows Off "Free Games With Prime" For February 2020
Twitch has revealed what all of their Free Games With Prime will be during the month of February 2020, and there are some interesting choices So first off, the five big games you'll be able to play are American Fugitive, Desert Child, Narcos: Rise of the Cartels, Steredenn, and White Night That's a pretty decent[...]
Twitch revealed the games they have coming in May with their Free Games With Prime program, and they have some killer titles coming next month Starting May 1st, you'll be able to snag Whispering Willows, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, The Little Acre, Majesty 1, and Majesty 2 That leaves you until April 30th to pick up[...]
A bit of cool news for those of you with Twitch Prime accounts as the company has decided to launch a brand new program that will reward you for being a member called "Free Games with Prime" The system itself acts a bit like Xbox Games Pass or PlayStation Plus, where being a member will get[...]