Ubisoft Releases New Rainbow Six Extraction Trailer

During the PlayStation Showcase 2021, Ubisoft released a brand new trailer to show off more of Rainbow Six Extraction. This time around it's less about the showcase and more about the gameplay as they delve into the actual first-person shooter view and reveal some of the actions you'll have and missions you'll be running into on various maps. All while having to contend with an alien menace that has infected our planet known as the Archæans. However, we don't have any new info beyond what we already knew, which you can read about here. Enjoy the trailer as we wait for the game to be released on PC and consoles in January 2022.

Just shoot and burn everything that isn't normal! Courtesy of Ubisoft.
Just shoot and burn everything that isn't normal! Courtesy of Ubisoft.

Players will deploy into four varied regions across the U.S., including New York, San Francisco, and two other regions, and face the alien threat in 12 all-new, unpredictable maps. Each map is roughly three times the size of previous Rainbow Six Siege maps, and contains unique dynamic modifiers, ensuring no incursion is ever the same. Tackle 13 different mission objectives during tactical incursions including one called the Gateway Objective, in which players must face off against a Protean, a deadly Archæan variant that has adopted the form of REACT operators and mimics their behavior.

For Rainbow Six Siege fans, Extraction introduces not only entirely new Rainbow Six lore featuring many of their favorite characters from Siege, plus the 12 wholly unique maps to dominate, but also a brand-new twist to familiar gameplay features: for the first time, players can progress through custom leveling system for each of the 18 Rainbow Six operators, allowing them to advance their Operator's gear, weapons and abilities in an entirely new way. As they level up, players will also permanently unlock new containment zones, Operators, customization items, new REACT tech, higher difficulty levels, and more.

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