Ultimate Games & Gaming Factory Announce Disturbing Forest

Ultimate Games and Gaming Factory have revealed a brand new first-person fantasy game this week as they showed off Disturbing Forest. This game meshes a few different things together as you're essentially making your way through a first-person perspective puzzle adventure game that happens to be set in an original fantasy world. You'll be exploring a dark, secret-filled universe while also having to deal with monsters and other dangers that throw you into survival combat while crafting elements and diving into an extensive detective mode. You can read up more about it here as the game will drop onto PC sometime in 2021 with a Nintendo Switch release planned for 2022.

Credit: Ultimate Games
Credit: Ultimate Games

"In Disturbing Forest, we transport the players to a unique fantasy world. It's a mysterious and quite dark place, full of challenges and fear-inducing situations. We are preparing a diverse gameplay – it's a puzzle and adventure game, where we discover the plot not only through interacting with specific characters, but also the environment itself. In order to maintain the right balance, we've added – among others – elements of monster slaying and fighting for survival in a hostile world. Disturbing Forest also offers a quite demanding difficulty level," said Mateusz Kuliś, one of the creators of the game.

This is not yet another derivative fantasy story. In Disturbing Forest, you won't find princesses to save from dragons or skirmishes of the "hack, slash, and run" variety. While telling a mature detective story, the game will take you on a trip through a wide array of emotions, reflections, and cultural references. All of this is powered by carefully designed gameplay, efficiently balancing between survival elements and logical puzzles.

You are a former military man, unjustly thrown into the dungeons. When you feel that you've found yourself at a dead-end, you get an unexpected visit from an old friend who offers you a deal: freedom in exchange for a favor for his principal. Sounds good, eh? The problem is that the "favor" in this case involves someone losing their head. With your help. Disturbing Forest is a first-person puzzle adventure game where you fight, craft, and solve puzzles in detective mode. The action is set in an original fantasy universe, covered with a layer of fairy-tale paints, superimposed on expressive, three-dimensional structures.

Thanks to a long list of quests – diverse, non-linear tasks that push the plot forward, filled with easter eggs – you can count on tens of hours of unforgettable entertainment. You will often have to prove yourself by fighting monsters, including the most hideous beasts – the ones in human skin. Strength, reflexes, and equipment will be the key factors determining the result of such battles. Other missions will require you to be creative and trust your intellect. Are you looking for a fantasy adventure game focusing on story and immersion, without neglecting gameplay mechanics? We invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey through the vast expanses of the Disturbing Forest!

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