Valve Has made Steam Compatible With The PS5 Controller

Valve Corporation revealed today that they have thrown in a new update to Steam that will allow you to use a PS5 controller, if you wish. Over the past few years, that company has been making it so that if you want to switch from the mouse and keyboard and want to use whatever remove or wired controller you'd like on their platform, you can through their Input API. It's pretty much a no-brainer for controllers that are Xbox related as they mostly have been programmed to work with PC anyway, but a while ago they made it so you could use a Switch controller which made a few people happy. Now you have the option to do it with your PS5 Dualsense Controller. We have a snippet of the details below for you to read from today's reveal.

Now you have the power of a PS5 controller for Steam. Courtesy of Sony.
Now you have the power of a PS5 controller for Steam. Courtesy of Sony.

Full support for the LED, trackpad, rumble and gyro features are available for players to configure in games such as Death Stranding, No Man's Sky, Horizon: Zero Dawn and more. This support is now available for players opted into the public beta Steam desktop client with platform wide support targeted to ship after further testing. In short, Steam Input API offer gamers a significantly enhanced experience with a limited developer investment. These include:

  • Seamless player experience with correct glyphs for all devices, including any remapping.
  • Support for advanced features such as motion controls, trackpads, additional buttons.
  • Updates just work. Without any additional work required of the developer, when new features and/or devices are added to the API, they will "just work" with these titles.

The PS5 controller joins over 200 input devices supported by the API, including PS4 controller, Switch Pro controller, fight sticks, race wheels, dance pads, and just about any other controller imaginable.

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