Venipede Spotlight Hour Is Tonight In Pokémon GO: Will It Be Shiny?

Venipede Spotlight Hour will take place tonight in Pokémon GO from 6PM to 7PM local time. As this dual Bug/Poison-type Pokémon takes over the game for an hour, trainers want to know: will Venipede be released in its Shiny form?

Will Venipede be Shiny for Spotlight Hour? Credit: Niantic
Will Venipede be Shiny for Spotlight Hour? Credit: Niantic

Unfortunately, the answer is "no." Shiny Venipede has not been released in Pokémon GO, and no reports from those already playing the game in New Zealand have indicated that Niantic has released it for the hour. Generally, Niantic will not release a Stage One Pokémon, such as Venipede, in its Shiny form for an hour-long event, as they will rather dedicate an entire week or longer in-game bonus to the release.

While trainers might not be able to spend the hour Shiny hunting, there is still reason to get out there and search for Venipede. While not rare, the Pokémon is certainly one of the more difficult Unova spawns to catch, so those that don't have its evolutions of Whirlipede and Scolipede, the latter of which is one of the most interest Bug-type designs in the game, will now have the chance to do so. In addition to increased Venipede spawns, Pokémon GO will also feature double evolution XP for the hour. Those who have yet to reach Level 40 may want to capitalize on this by spending the hour mass evolving Pokémon in order to rake in that XP. Trainers who prefer to Shiny hunt, however, will still be able to do so in raids during this event, as the Tier Five boss Genesect is available in its Shiny form, a dazzling ruby red, throughout the entire Ultra Unlock: Unova Week event.

With only one Spotlight Hour left of the month with next week's Geodude Hour, it is expected that Niantic will soon announce their September line-up of Spotlight Pokémon. Follow Bleeding Cool as we report on their upcoming hours, tell whether or not the Pokémon can be shiny, and explain how to capitalize on the bonuses.

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