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BioWare has "Learned to Listen to What Fans Want" in Regards to "Anthem"

At EA Play today, the stream took a short segment between the main game updates to talk about Anthem. BioWare's Ben Irving popped up on the stream to chat about the game's presence at EA Play, which is really focused just on the game's influencers and the game's Cataclysm event that's live right now. That said, they do have a booth at EA Play, so you can check that out if you like.

Host Greg Miller asked Irving about the "wild four months" that Anthem has had since launch, wondering what the dev team at BioWare has learned in all that time. Irving responded that they've "learned to listen to what fans want" and work on making the game better, together. Which is a pretty cute party line, but honestly, should have been the plan from the start.

BioWare has "Learned to Listen to What Fans Want" in Regards to "Anthem"

After all, some of the biggest criticisms of games like Destiny 2Star Wars: Battlefield II, and even Fallout 76 was a lack of transparency between players and developers. That was then compounded by a lack of communication between the two. Honestly, this was also a big problem with Mass Effect: Andromeda, which promised a whole lot of great content and then promptly never delivered thanks to a whole host of internal problems.

So while we're happy that BioWare has learned this lesson for Anthem, we do have to wonder if they've been living under a rock for the last several years.

When asked "is there a future for Anthem?" Irving responded that "we think so," which is honestly not all that comforting, but not very surprising either. The game has become the latest editorial punching bag, and player numbers are dropping. Which is never a great sign.

Then again, there are people still playing Fallout 76, so there will still be a very small, but very dedicated Anthem community for as long as BioWare agrees to support the game.

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