Minecraft Is Coming To Oculus Rift

Minecraft_Win10_Beta_-10At Oculus Connect 2, a few things were announced, but none so were probably as important as the reveal that Minecraft's Windows 10 version will be coming to the Rift. This could be a killer app for the game, especially for fans who get their hands on the headset.

This is a bit of an about face from the company, which originally turned down the chance to use the Rift when Markus 'Notch' Persson, sent out this tweet, condemning Facebook's involvement.

But, of course, Persson isn't the head of Mojang any more, so that is all to the wind now.

A VR Minecraft experience could actually be very cool. A good sense of familiarity reframed could be a nice way of easing people in to the technology.

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