New Information Says Google is Working on a Gaming Console

Just what we needed on top of three already pricey game consoles and several gaming platforms—another console made by Google. There were already rumors swirling around that the company was working on a video game platform much like Steam or GOG, which made sense because they already run an app service like Google Play that handles gaming to a degree, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to make one for full video games. However, a new report from Kotaku says the company is working on a video game console to rival Xbox and PlayStation. Since we're already waiting for both of those companies to take our money with their next generation of consoles, it makes some sense others would try to get in on it.

However, it sounds like Google are looking to go for the jugular and be a competitive system, even though we have absolutely no clue what this thing can do, or will look like, or will cost, or how it will utilize games. The report also says they're looking to buy out development companies, "through aggressive recruiting or even major acquisitions", to create exclusive titles for the system, even before it's even been made.

What do you think about this? Would you buy a Google-branded gaming console? Or will you pass on it because there's already too many on the market?

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