NFL Quarterback Carson Palmer Is Huge Supporter Of Using VR In His Training


Something I don't often get to talk about here, that I do love, is NFL Football. And hey, as an Arizona Cardinals guy, this story mixes video games and Carson Palmer. I'm all in.

The Arizona Cardinals Quarterback is also all in when it comes to VR. Palmer spoke to Sport Illustrated recently about how he has incorporated VR headset StriVR into his training regiment. The headset recreates what he sees on the training field and lets him break down plays from his point of view. He said:

I don't buy in to all the new technology, I'm archaic, and I thought, 'There is no way this can change the way I play quarterback.' But I am all-in on this. I'll watch pressures on this during the week, and I swear I have flashbacks from a game, seeing the same pressures. The other thing that is cool about it is watching mechanics, because I can put the camera behind me. So if I'm in the pocket standing one way, I can put the camera behind me, I can have it to my right and to my left, and I can watch my feet. I can watch my arm whip at different angles and make sure my elbow is in the right spot.

It's neat to see VR really getting used outside of gaming now, as we long suspected it would. This seems like invaluable data for Quarterbacks and I imagine many others sportsmen too.

I hope it has just got him ready to lay it on the Seahawks tonight.

Thanks GameSpot!