Oulast 2 Trailer Gets All Cryptic And Hints At Something Later This Month

Outlast 2 has been very quiet since it was announced that the game was coming. Besides the initial reveal which revealed south US setting and religious themes, we really don't know much about it.

Well, this new trailer has hit, and it's all pretty spooky. There isn't much in it apart from a rather odd sounding voice. Give it a listen:

As you have probably guessed, if you play it backwards there is a message. It's lots of hocus pocus about gods and the Puritan City, but it also makes mention of a date. It says:

On the fourth month and 22nd day of the sixteenth year of the third millennium, our reckoning begins.

Here is the whole thing:

Some guessed that the game would be stealth releasing on April 22nd in response, but with the proposed date set for this Fall (and you have to imagine around Halloween), the more likely answer is we will see our first gameplay on the date. Which I'm excited about. I really want to know the 'space' we are going to be in, or if we will be outside a lot more and, if so, how that will work.