Platinum Games Say That Bayonetta's Development Was Awful For The Developer


Platinum Games are a team who seem to have an insane amount on their plate these days. As soon as a title is out the door by the team, they seem to announce two or three new titles. The developer remains most beloved for their work on Bayonetta though.

However, work on the franchise's first game was far from a cheery production. Speaking to GameSpot, Executive Director Atsushi Inaba remembered the time on Bayonetta and it doesn't sound particularly happy.

At the end of development on Bayonetta, nobody was happy. Everybody was really frustrated and angry, and we pushed really hard to finish that game and asked too much, and then asked even more of the team and of each other. At the end, nobody was like, 'Oh yay. We got it finished.' Everybody was like, 'We're never doing that again,' and at each other's throats. It was a very negative vibe that I still remember to this day.

It's not good to hear about those conditions, but it's hardly the first time a great piece of entertainment was made under a trying environment. Now that the game is out and beloved and spawned a much loved sequel, this is all history of course. Still, a stark reminder that even great work can be done under less than sunny conditions.