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Bayonetta Continues the Hack and Slash with New Good Smile Nendoroid
The sexy hack and slash witch Bayonetta from the hit video game Bayonetta has arrived at Good Smile Company She is one of their newest Nendoroid figures to release that is packed with detail and ready to take on anything that gets in her way She will come with three different face plates allowing fans[...]
Bayonetta 3 hasn't been canceled, Hideki Kamiya has been assuring fans.
Hideki Kamiya would like to reassure fans that no, Bayonetta 3 has not been canceled, though it appears fans seem to be under the impression that it might have been A recent interview with the Kamiya, the game's director, has revealed that the game is still very much in the works There hasn't been any[...]
The Development Of "Bayonetta 3" Is "Progressing Smoothly"
For those who may be curious about what the development process for Bayonetta 3 is like these days, we got some good news It's going fine In a brief interview with Ryokutya2089, Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba discussed how things are going with the game A few different sites have taken a crack[...]
"Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2" Gets Two More Collaborations
The mobile title Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 just got two more collaborations with SEGA involving Berserk and Bayonetta The company will be doing a pair of crossover events with the game, bringing in some familiar characters from both the anime series and the video game Bayonetta will be popping in for a second time[...]
Good Smile Company Shows Off “Bloodborne” and “Bayonetta” Figures
Stay tuned for more info!   Following him is the Good Smile Company prototype design of the heroine from the game Bayonetta as Bayonetta herself has arrived We only get to see the prototype model and it's not painted just yet I assume we will be seeing her main outfit like in the game but anyone guess could[...]
Brittany's 2019 Games of the Decade: Bayonetta 2
It's going to be a wild ride. Bayonetta 2 can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Bayonetta 2 for Nintendo Switch Trailer – The Game Awards 2017 ( When Nintendo brought Bayonetta 2 to the Wii U as an exclusive, audiences were shocked But not for a bad reason – it was just surprising[...]
"Bayonetta & Vanquish" Will Be Out In February 2020
Some cool news from SEGA today as they will be releasing Bayonetta & Vanquish, a package of both games together for the 10th anniversary The company has partnered with Weapons Van to release a steelbook version of the game, as well as releasing special PS4 themes Plus new art created for the 10th anniversary by[...]
Something Strange is Happening With Bayonetta's Steam Page
Something odd seems to be happening with the Bayonetta Steam page, as a few people have pointed out a weird post thrown into the news section Earlier today, the image below with the headline "Baa" was loaded to their page, and as funny as it is to see the team mess around with people, everyone is[...]
super Smash bayonetta
Pros and casuals alike are debating whether to ban Bayonetta from competitive play The gun-heeled fighter's presence in Smash has been a point of contention in the competitive Smash community for some time now, because of her incredible combo potential and a barrage of kicks that will send you flying Even after being tuned down by Nintendo,[...]
Bayonetta Creator Defends Series' Nintendo Exclusivity
Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya recently took to twitter to talk about the series' Nintendo exclusivity The series began on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010 (2009 in Japan), but the sequel was a Wii U exclusive, and the third entry is going to be a Switch exclusive This has rubbed some fans the wrong[...]
Secret of Mana video game releases
Check out the full list of releases out this week below, choose your games wisely; and as always, have fun! February 13th Crossing Souls (PC, PS4) CubeWorks [VR] (PS4) Drunkn Bar Fight [VR] (PS4) Dynasty Warriors 9 (PC, PS4, XB1) Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PC, PS4, XB1) Knockout League [VR] (PS4) Mahjong Carnival (PS4) Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame (PC, PS4, Switch, XB1) Owlboy[...]
Bayonetta 3 Announced at the Game Awards, and It Is a Nintendo Switch Exclusive
Bayonetta 3 is coming. There wasn't too much in way of details, except the big news is Platinum Games is back and, perhaps more importantly, it is a Nintendo Switch Exclusive Now, the Nintendo exclusivity was the case of the last game too, so this isn't necessarily surprising, but it certainly is a big deal. Nothing on[...]
NieR: Automata image
A report coming from DualShockers is hinting at the idea that the developer of Nier: Automata and Bayonetta are working on a brand new franchise PlatinumGames is seeing great success with their most recent title and to capitalize on it, it appears their next game is going to be quite interesting.   According to the story, during a[...]
super Smash bayonetta
Bayonetta is now available on Steam for PC players, but the dev team still have stories to tell about the process of porting the game to PC  This Dev Diary entry features game director Hideki Kamiya and character designer Mari Shimazaki talking about their favorite parts of Bayonetta and what secrets are left uncovered. The description of the video[...]
Bayonetta Is Now On Steam
We may have gotten 8-bit Bayonetta as an April Fools joke on Steam, but PlatinumGames has given us another reason to be excited for Bayonetta again by putting the original game out on Steam Bayonetta is now available for Windows PC via Steam. The PC port of the 2009 game will feature a wealth of graphics options, according to[...]