Take A Look At A Batch Of Dark Souls 3 Pictures

Dark Souls 3 is shockingly close to release considering how long we've known about it. We only caught wind of it around E3 and it will be in our hands in just a few months (April to be exact). It doesn't seem it is going to be a botched job either. Legendary creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has come straight off Bloodborne and onto the title, so we know it should be in good hands.

To get you nice and excited, a whole swath of new images have been released showing just a taste of the monstrosities you'll be facing as you make your way through the title. Take a look:

BB10-noscale BB9-noscale BB8-noscale BB7-noscale BB6-noscale BB5-noscale BB4-noscale BB3-noscale BB2-noscale BB1-noscale

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