Virtual Reality Gaming Might Affect PEGI Ratings


The dawn for the new wave of VR gaming is just on the horizon with Oculus, PlayStation VR and the Vive set for releases next year. I'm certainly fascinated in seeing how the technology affects the landscape, both from design and social stand points.

Although ne way I hadn't considered is how it will change game's ratings. That was the focus of a recent MCV (via VG247) interview with PEGI operations director Dirk Bosmans. On the subject, he said:

PEGI should examine the coming wave of VR products using the current questionnaire, but reserve the right to reassess certain elements – more specifically the criteria around fear (currently rated PEGI 7) and horror (as in non-violent scary imagery, currently rated PEGI 12) – once a broader range of products hits the market in the coming period of time.

I never really considered that the content of a game might change depending on how it's viewed, especially from a ratings stand point, but it will be rather interesting if we start seeing regular releases with different classifications to their VR counterparts and what that might mean to sales.

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