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"Volta-X" is GungHo America's First Internally Developed Game

GungHo America has, so far, been relegated to providing support for GungHo's existing games on the world-wide market. However, the company now has its own internal development team. Their first project is the Switch title Volta-X, which is a combination battle-bot combat game with a side of resource management.

Battles, at least for the moment, are 1-on-1 robot fist-fights. Granted, players can customize their bots with different weapons, though most have rather standard layouts. Players don't control the bots themselves, but rather the crews inside the robots. In order to use the bots various functions, players need to staff members of their crew in the areas related to the weapons or shields they want to use. However, when an area of the robot takes damage, the crew members inside those areas can be stunned, and the area itself catches fire. So you'll then need to put out the fires by bringing in a member of the crew to fix that specific section of the robot. Which means half the fight is just making sure your crew members don't get hit and keep the whole thing from catching fire at the same time.

"Volta-X" is GungHo America's First Internally Developed Game
credit// GungHo

Now, the crew isn't standard, so you do get to decide which characters you want to take on your battle-bot crew. Most have specific strengths and weaknesses, with some being better at repairs while others are best at attacking. So you will want to make sure you have a crew with various different strengths.

Essentially, Volta-X is a cuter, more adorable version of Bomber Crew (?) with a bit of extra difficulty.

However, because the game is still in its early development stages, much of that is subject to change. The dev team did specify that they're working on ways to differentiate the different crew members even more than they already are, which is something to look forward to.

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