Want More Dark Souls III? I Give You, Edwad Emberpants!


Streamers and Youtubers Criken, Vaatividya, and Bed (currently going by BedBanna) have been running an ongoing series of, well, essentially in-character streams as they play through Dark Souls III. The series follows Criken's character Edwad Emberpants as he fails his way through the story of Dark Souls III and both of it's subsequent DLCs The Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City. Criken's streams and videos all fall under the category of in-character plays, but Edwad Emberpants is perhaps his grandest, and most hideous, creation. Vaati is known most for his lore discussions in the Dark Souls universe, and Bed is, well, Bed. Fellow Dark Souls player Tomato also has a rather amusing cameo about half-way through.

After their streams, the massive amount of footage is compiled into a series of highlights, showing all the deaths, glamours, and hijinks.

If you've already encountered this series, good for you. It is awesome. And you should totally watch it again. For the rest of you, well, I leave you this madness to chase the shadows of your Saturday night with only minimal guilt.

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