Watch A Total Unknown Player Trounce One Of The Biggest 'Smash Bros' Players At Frostbite 2017

I believe that within every gamer's heart, whether they be a top-notch competitor, or just a first-timer learning all the controls, there's a deep sense of wishing for the unexpected. To echo the sentiments of CM Punk to John Cena from 2011, you don't root for a dynasty, you root for the underdog. And when you put the Super Smash Bros. eSports community under a magnifying glass, you start seeing the same set of names crop up into that "Sweet 16" area far too often. Sure, occasionally you'll see a new upstart pop in for a moment, or a name you didn't expect from way back make a comeback, but a betting man would always tell you to bet on someone like ZeRo or MkLeo because they're always going to be there.

Not so much the case at Frostbite 2017 where another top player, Elliot "Ally" Carroza-Oyarce, was eliminated. Ally is one of the highest ranked Smash Bros. players in the world right now, and his victory was pretty much assured by analysts entering the event long before anyone picked up a controller. But no one bothered to give that memo to a relatively unknown player in the tournament known as "Komota." The newbie took Ally to the distance and beat him with only one life remaining. To add insult to injury, he beat him with Kirby, a character who isn't even considered that high of a choice among pro-players, as opposed to Mario, who Ally was playing as.

Enjoy the 30-second clip below as one of the biggest names in the eSport falls to an underdog that everyone pretty much wrote off the minute he walked in the door.

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