We Explored Tower Of Fantasy At Summer Game Fest Play Days

We had a chance to chat with Level Infinite about several games during Steam Next Fest Play Days, starting with Tower Of Fantasy. This is the first time I actually got to try a hands-on demo of the sci-fi open-world RPG, and for starters, this game looks pretty great. The team went out of their way to make sure that it didn't matter where you explored, you were given an experience that felt unique in every aspect and not just the same assets recolored or a copy of something mirrored. We were given a little bit of info and then handed the controller to jump head-first into everything the game had to offer. If you managed to play the closed beta back in April, this is roughly that same build with a few other added improvements.

Tower Of Fantasy To Launch Globally In 2022, Beta Tests Coming Soon
Credit: Level Infinite

The shorthand to the story is that the game is set way into the future on a distant planet called Aida. Mankind, of course, ruined Earth and migrated here to discover that the place has powerful energy called "Omnium" contained within it. They decided to build the Omnium Tower to capture Mara, but instead, everything went wrong, and now we're in the middle of what feels like a chaotic world split into many different sub-continents. The tower serves as the home base from which you can plan and launch yourself from the top of it down onto any of the worlds below. With the skills in your possession, you'll be able to get around and fight against the various enemies down below.

The fighting style and RPG elements, paired up with the anime art style really mesh well together. The enemies are creative and challenging and manage to keep you on your toes no matter what the task. We primarily spent our time running around trying to conquer a base of operations in a specific area, applying different moves and strategies to take enemies down. It feels like a hack and slash at times, but here's way more to it than just rushing up to enemies and slicing them down. You need some sort of plan to keep alive half the time. Tower Of Fantasy looks pretty awesome, and you can test that for yourself as the latest Closed Beta Test starts today!

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