We Finally Review 'Dead By Daylight' As It Comes To Console

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Dead By Daylight has already been out for a hot minute on PC, being the predecessor to a couple of different cloned games and the current rival of Friday The 13th. But considering the game was one of the most-played titles on Twitch for the second half of 2016 on Twitch and continues to be a hot property now that it's out on PS4 and Xbox One, we decided to finally do a proper review of the game.

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Dead By Daylight is a survival horror game where you and three other people are stuck in what is essentially a B-horror film setting where you must escape to survive. You'll all be planted in different areas of the map with a fifth person who is the killer. Your goal is to escape each area by activating generators that power up two escape doors on either side of the level, all without being hurt and sacrificed by the killer. You'll take on the role of one of several teenagers in snazzy outfits, each with their own stats and abilities that you build over time to get better at escaping. You can also pick up items like flashlights and toolboxes to use in the game and future games if you manage to escape with them.

One player will take on the role of the killer, who ranges from a guy with a chainsaw who can run, to a nurse who can teleport, to a creepy stalker that can go invisible. The killer's goal is to kill all the players by hurting them and taking them to a sacrificial hook. When a person dies, they don't return, and it's up to the remaining players to carry on without them. Each killer has a different ability and attribute, including a DLC version of Michael Myers, that will help you trap and locate the other players faster. However, you're not immune to being blinded or being caught in traps yourself, so there's a great give-and-take to the game.

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The gameplay itself can be trying at times. A lot of your success as one of the teenagers relies on stealth and being able to complete tasks. There's a percentage meter for fixing generators, along with a button mechanic that you need to hit every so often to make sure you don't get caught by screwing up. Hitting it will give you a bonus, but missing it will alert the killer to where you are. When the killer gets close, you start hearing music and a heartbeat, just like being stalked in a real horror film. That will drive you insane for minutes at a time as you run, jump, and hide from the killer who is constantly stalking your every move.

credit//Starbreeze Studios

Life isn't so glorious for the killer either, as the game has both it's fair share of areas people can run from you in, but will also have the occasional glitch that prevents you from getting anywhere quick. Players can also team up with you to help their friends escape death, so while you're an overpowered creature, you're still fighting a 4-on-1 battle that can sometimes be frustrating as hell. Ultimately, no one truly has an advantage unless you have characters with super boosted stats that can do anything stealthy or a killer that is basically a walking killing god. (For PC users, there's also a hacking problem, which hasn't fully been addressed.)

credit//Starbreeze Studios

Ultimately, Dead By Daylight serves as an amazing horror game, but it has it's fair share of glitches and server issues that hold the game back from being truly awesome. It would have been much more interesting to try out the console versions, but we weren't able to secure a key to do so. Since hacking doesn't happen as often on console as it does PC, we're fairly confident that those versions will be fine and maybe even better, but could be a tad slower than PC. I highly recommend getting it if you dig these party games or the thrill of a horror film.

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