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Starbreeze Studios Will BE Celebrating Payday's 10th Anniversary
Starbreeze Studios are breaking out the balloons and champagne as they're spending the next 10 days celebrating Payday's 10th Anniversary The group will be releasing special videos, as well as a livestream on October 22nd, hyping up the franchise and also giving people a peek at what's to come You can read the rundown of[...]
"Payday 3" Won't Be Coming Out Until At Least 2022
Starbreeze Studios revealed today that they have entered a co-publishing agreement with Koch Media over the game, which comes with the caveat that it will be released in 2023 According to the agreement, the company will provide for an estimated total investment "exceeding €50m for both development and marketing" of the game, which will include[...]
New Payday 3 Screenshot Confirms SwiUnreal Engine
Ever since the word came out last year that Starbreeze Studios was working on the next and long-0awaited entry into the series, people have been speculating how exactly they were going to develop the game and what the story would end up being to get there For the most part, they've kept quiet because it's[...]
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As Starbreeze Studios slowly heads down the downward spiral to bankruptcy, the company has decided to sell off some assets to try and stay afloat Today the company announced that they sold one of their development studios, Dhruva Interactive They originally kept the name of the buyer a secret, but the word eventually got out[...]
The Walking Dead's Creators Put An End To Overkill's The Walking Dead
After several months of bad poor gameplay, few fixes, controversy and more, Overkill's The Walking Dead is no more. Skybound Entertainment, the company founded by David Alpert and Robert Kirkman, officially terminated the company's contract with the game's developer Starbreeze Studios, effectively ending their ability to work on or sell the game any further[...]
Overkill's The Walking Dead Gets a Delay for Consoles
Starbreeze Studios have been having some troubles as of late, and it looks like having a game delay can be added to the list for Overkill's The Walking Dead The company very quietly put out a short statement on their website with little fanfare, letting those who happen to check out their news section know that[...]
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Authorities sent out a tweet following the raid of the Stockholm offices saying the following: "The Swedish Economic Crime Authority has carried out a series of house searches regarding suspicion of insider trading at Starbreeze studios One of the searches was carried out at the offices of Starbreeze studios in Stockholm One person has been arrested[...]
Starbreeze Starts Cutting Costs After Overkill's The Walking Dead Underwhelms
In a press release, Starbreeze Studios announced it would be cutting back on future projects due as initial sales revenue from Overkill's The Walking Dead were lower than forecasted Because the sales were higher in low-price countries, the overall sales were too low to cover the license fee of $10 million USD. From the release: A license fee[...]
Dead By Daylight's Latest Updates Hit the Public Test Server
If you've been waiting to try out the new horrors that are on the way for Dead By Daylight, Starbreeze Studios have slightly given you your wish as they have loaded a new killer and survivor into the game's Public Test Server for you to try They are The Clown (seen below) and the acoustic[...]
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Stéphane will head all of our internal development projects under Starbreeze Studios and will further strengthen the focus of our core business He has solid experience from game development in building and organizing huge teams Most recently he was leading the strategic vision and development of the Watch Dogs brand, one of the fastest selling[...]
Inked Releases a Hand-Drawn Trailer for Steam Release
Starbreeze Studios are celebrating the release of Inked on Steam by releasing brand new launch trailer for the game that will have some of you animation and cartoon fans buzzing at the work that went into it The trailer shows off how the game came to be, in a sense, showing hand-drawn pictures of the game's[...]
Go Behind the Scenes of 'Overkill's the Walking Dead' in a Making-of Trailer
If you were pretty spellbound by the cinematic teaser for Starbreeze Studios, Skybound Entertainment, and 505 Games' Overkill's the Walking Dead, VFX house Goodbye Kansas Studios has released a behind the scenes look at the teaser trailer. The teaser revealed the game's first playable character Aidan, so the VFX house got to have quite a bit of[...]