We Get A Better Look At AEW Fight Forever From Gamescom

THQ Nordic decided to show off more of AEW Fight Forever during a livestream at Gamescom 2022 with a few surprise guests. One of the hosts/team members (Marcus) of the company sat down with AEW wrestlers Colt Cabana and Evil Uno to go over parts of the game ahead of its release, showing off some of what you can do. This video, which we have cued up for you down below as part of the company's massive livestream from the Gamescom floor, shows off a number of aspects we hadn't seen yet and has now given us a better idea of what to expect as far as gameplay. The two play a match between Adam Cole and Kenny Omega, showing us a little piece of both of their intros as they come to the ring, which we had not seen up to this point, and it's clear we're only getting a sample of what the finished product will be. It should be noted this footage is NOT the final product, but it looks pretty good for not being final.

THQ Nordic Will Officially Publish AEW Fight Forever
Credit: THQ Nordic

The footage we see of them playing is essentially the tutorial, which we're happy to see is voiced by William Regal as he serves as the in-game coach to help you learn moves and what to do. A lot of the controls mimic that of WWF No Mercy, as well as a few other wrestling titles over the years. Which was done on purpose, as they say in the video, to make it easy to learn and a challenge to master. One of the key changes, however, is that when your meter bar fills up, you'll have two different levels of finishing movies as you'll have "Signature," which will give you a chance to pull off some of your favorite wrestler's signature moves, and "Special," which will give you a chance to end the match with that wrestler's final move. You can watch the full presentation for yourselves as we're still waiting for them to give us a confirmed release date.

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