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THQ Nordic Shows Of 14 Games In Digital Showcase 2022
Today during the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022, the company showed off 14 games either in development or being released shortly We got a pretty good look at titles like Tempest Rising and Gothic, as well as the anticipated AEW: Fight Forever Not to mention a brand new Nickelodeon title with SpongeBob – The Cosmic[...]
THQ Nordic Will Officially Publish AEW Fight Forever
THQ Nordic officially announced this morning that they will be the publisher of All Elite Wrestling's video game, AEW: Fight Forever The news was technically leaked yesterday due to a listing going up on Amazon's UK site, but the company was already set on making this announcement ahead of their appearance later this month at[...]
THQ Nordic Announces New RTS Action-Adventure Title The Valiant
THQ Nordic has released a new trailer for The Valiant as we get a better look at some of the game's playable characters Specifically, we get a look at the companions that you'll be able to choose from as they each bring their own kind of skills and abilities to the table that will help[...]
THQ Nordic Reveals Nine Minutes Of Biomutant Gameplay
The long road for THQ Nordic to get Biomutant out on all consoles has taken another step as it is coming to next-gen this Fall The game will be launching on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 6th, 20222, as they will be bringing a number of improvements to the game including[...]
Destroy All Humans! 2 Releases New Co-Op Trailer
THQ Nordic has dropped a new trailer for Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed as we get a better look at the co-op gameplay As you would expect from the description, you're given a bit of a preview as to what the game will be like when you and a friend go around Earth once[...]
THQ Nordic Announces new Extreme Sports Title Stuntfest - World Tour
THQ Nordic has announced a brand new extreme sports title today as Stuntfest – World Tour will be coming to PC sometime later this year Developed by Pow Wow Entertainment, this game is designed to be a destructive stunt royale where it is up to you to survive against everyone else in matches where total[...]
Way Of The Hunter Confirmed For August Release
THQ Nordic and Nine Rocks Games announced today that Way Of The Hunter will be coming to PC and consoles this August The game is set to create what is their version of the perfect hunting experience as you will be using various tools and weapons to track down and lure out different animals in[...]
THQ Nordic Announces New RTS Action-Adventure Title The Valiant
THQ Nordic revealed a brand new game on the way from developer Kite Games with the RTS action-adventure game The Valiant According to the devs, this game will have a greater focus on tactical combat with smaller forces rather than major battles You'll need to carefully select your forces and make the hard choices both[...]
THQ Nordic To Release Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
THQ Nordic has announced a new deal with MGM as they will be releasing a new version of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Developed by HandyGames and Massive Miniteam, this one will be its own creation and not based on either the FOX or Nickelodeon versions, with original hosts and kids who will[...]
MX Vs. ATV Legends Release Pushed To June 28th
THQ Nordic and Rainbow Studios revealed a new launch date for MX Vs ATV Legends as the game will come out on June 28th, 2022 The news was revealed today in a new developer diary, in which the team confirmed both the new date as well as a special Collector's Edition Aside from the main[...]
Elex 2 Reveals New Combat Trailer Prior To March Release
THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes released a new trailer for ELEX 2 this week, as they go a bit deeper into the storyline for the game The four-minute video delves into the world of Magalan from the basics to the finer details of what you can expect coming into this harsh environment You'll be playing[...]
Elex 2 Reveals New Combat Trailer Prior To March Release
THQ Nordic has released a new combat trailer for their upcoming game Elex 2 as the game is aiming for a March 2022 release This particular trailer will give you a quick and basic understanding of how combat will carry in the game as you'll be getting a far more advanced system compared to the[...]
This Is The President Allows You To Become The Commander In Chief
THQ Nordic has revealed This Is The President, a game that basically allows you to become the Commander In Chief and make the big calls As weird as it sounds, this game will have you get elected to office and end up running the United States however you see fit You can be as corrupt[...]
Four Classic Star Wars Titles Are Being Released As Bundles
THQ Nordic and Aspyr Media have come together to release four classic Star Wars titles for the holidays, paired up into two bundles Each of these will be for both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch as you'll be getting the Jedi Knight Collection (which contains Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Star Wars Jedi Knight:[...]
THQ Nordic Announces Celebration Plans For Their Tenth Anniversary
THQ Nordic has announced today they're going to announce six new games this week while giving away two free games in the process The anniversary celebration is going to be pretty fun as they will be holding a livestream tomorrow hosted by Geoff Keighley, kicking off at 12pm PT on both Twitch and YouTube.  Which[...]