What Do The Berries Do In Pokémon GO? A Pokémon Item Guide

There are currently five Berries that can be used to help catch Pokémon in Pokémon GO: the Pinap, the Silver Pinap, the Nanab, the Razz, and the Golden Razz Berry. This simple guide will break down for Pokémon trainers the basics of what each Berry does and in what situation each should be used.

There are five berries in Pokémon GO, but which is best best berry to use? Credit: Niantic
There are five berries in Pokémon GO, but which is best best berry to use? Credit: Niantic

Razz Berry

  • What it does: The Razz Berry makes a Pokémon slightly easier to catch.
  • When to use it: If your Pokémon has an orange or red catch circle, utilizing this Berry will make it, in most cases, less resistant to staying in your ball. This is a common Berry that isn't as effective as the Golden Razz Berry, so this isn't an item that should be used if you want to guarantee a catch. Instead, if you're quickly catching wild spawns and don't want to deal with a Pokémon that keeps hopping out of the ball, this is a great choice.

Nanab Berry

  • What it does: Some Pokémon are stationary. Some slide back and forth from left to right. Others fly all over the screen, making the catching process very difficult. The Nanab Berry will lock Pokémon into one spot, making them easier to hit with the ball.
  • When to use it: Zubat. Zubat. Zubat, Zubat, Zubat. Zubat. Yanma. Zubat. If you have a "Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a Row" task to get Spinda, this can be a great help to keep Pokémon in one spot. Oh, and also: Zubat.

Pinap Berry

  • What it does: Doubles the candy you get for catching Pokémon.
  • When to use it: Use this on Pokémon newly introduced to the game, as well as rare spawns that you aren't worried will run away. If you encounter your first Axew, this isn't the one to use… but if you have a Gible encounter and you already have a few, though not many, this is a perfect way to get that candy up.

Golden Razz

  • What it does: Dramatically increases the chance of you catching the Pokémon. It's the most useful Berry in the game.
  • When to use it: Use this paired with an Ultra Ball on Shiny Pokémon to decrease their chances of escaping. Also, using them on every Legendary Pokémon in raids and your chances of catching these Pokémon will increase.

Silver Pinap

  • What it does: It's like a super Pinap, doubling the catch candy while also making the Pokémon easier to catch.
  • When to use it: While this isn't as effective as a Golden Razz, the Silver Pinap comes into play for daring trainers that want to attempt to catch Legendary or Shiny Pokémon with a shot at double candy. A good bet is to try one or two of these when catching Legendaries before switching to Golden Razz if this method fails.

Pokémon GO Excess Berries can also be fed to Pokémon in gyms of your own team in order to build up that Pokémon's motivation and accrue Stardust.

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