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What Is The Ultimate Chase Card Of Pokémon TCG: Fusion Strike?

This past Friday, the Pokémon TCG released its largest set ever. Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike is themed around Mew VMAX, Gengar VMAX, Boltund, and Genesect. It will have a whopping 264 cards before Secret Rares. Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike introduces a brand new Battle Style to the Pokémon TCG with Fusion Strike which is featured on multiple Pokémon in the expansion, making it viable for both players and collectors. Let's take a look at the set breakdown to see what will be the biggest chase cards of Fusion Strike.

Sword & Shield - Fusion Strike cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

First up, we already know the deal from recent Pokémon TCG expansions including Sword & Shield – Battle Styles, Sword & Shield – Chilling Reign, and Sword & Shield – Evolving Skies. Alternate Arts are currently the hottest cards of the hobby. If we take a look at TCGPlayer in the first week of the set's release, the ranking of the cards according to value speaks to a continued interest in Alternate Arts. Here are the top cards of the set this week:

  1. Espeon VMAX Alternate Art Secret Rare 270/264
  2. Gengar VMAX Alternate Art Secret Rare 271/264
  3. Mew VMAX Rainbow Rare Secret Rare 268/264
  4. Mew VMAX Alternate Art Secret Rare 269/264
  5. Mew V Alternate Art 251/264
  6. Inteleon VMAX Alternate Art Secret Rare 266/264
  7. Genesect V Alternate Art 255/264
  8. Celebi V Alternate Art 245/264
  9. Elesa's Sparkle Full Art Trainer Supporter 260/264
  10. Mew VMAX 114/264

Keep in mind, these are subject to change at any point, as the value of these cards is very fluid during this week. Prices have already changed as of this writing and will change before the piece publishes. This is an example of how dynamic a set is during release week.

Interestingly, the Rainbow Rare Mew has surpassed the value of the Alternate Art Mew VMAX. This is likely due to the Mew VMAX Alternate Art being not quite Alternate enough. Meaning that it looks quite similar in style to a standard VMAX. Both the Espeon VMAX and Gengar VMAX Alternate Arts are incredibly popular, and their values put them very close to each other for the spot of this Pokémon TCG set's definitive chase card.

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