World Of Tanks Is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary

Wargaming revealed plans this week to properly celebrate the tenth anniversary of their most popular title, World Of Tanks. According to their own notes, since the game launched they have released thousands of features, hundreds of events, launched the game in 11 nations, given players 600 vehicles to battle in, and have accumulated over 160 million registered players on a global level. The developers are celebrating in style with a few events which will begin this week. Here are some of the details of the first event, along with a quote from the company about it all, as they make their way to August where they will culminate in a massive celebration.

Ten years worth of tank warfare across decades of armored battles.
Ten years worth of tank warfare across decades of armored battles.

"For the team and I, the past 10 years have allowed us to make more than a successful game – it has seen the formation of one big, global family," said Max Chuvalov, Publishing Director of World of Tanks. "On behalf of the World of Tanks team, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to our players over the years. You've stuck with us through different stages of the game's development and helped us to create one of the most impactful MMOs in the gaming history. As a reward, we have prepared a lot of exciting activities and additions, things that will surprise and please you – all in celebration of 10 amazing years. And remember, together, we can continue to create amazing experiences. So, let the party begin!"

World of Tanks will be hosting exciting activities made up of five thematic Acts starting from April 22. These Acts correspond specifically to certain milestones within the game's history; milestones that left their mark on commanders. The first Act will start from April 22 at 06:30 BST through May 18 at 06:00 BST. Players will also have the chance to vie for prizes and earn Anniversary Coins that can be exchanged for valuable items and exclusive customizations in the special in-game Anniversary Store. Prizes for completing five acts will include items such as the mind-blowing 3D style for the Т30, the legendary American Tier IX tank destroyer. The first Act will also herald the return of General Chat. World of Tanks will bring back it for one week between April 22 at 06:30 BST through April 29 at 06:00 BST, and for Random Battles only, allowing players to rediscover the ability to sow mischief in game – by communicating with enemies as well as allies during the battle

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