World Of Warships: Legends Receives New Halloween Update

Wargaming dropped a new update into World Of Warships: Legends today as players can experience the new Halloween content. The content comes with special ships commanded by some special captains you might recognize from horror lore. You'll also have the Element of Choice campaign where you can earn two ships as a reward. They've included Tier VII Premium destroyers, Pan-European Friesland, and Pan-Asian ship Loyang for those who reach all 100 milestones over the next five weeks. We have more details on the event as well as the addition of new Soviet ships in Early Access and other upgrades with the 3.7 Update. But if you need more detailed info, you can check out the dev notes here.

World Of Warships: Legends Receives New Halloween Update
Credit: Wargaming

The Halloween event comes in two parts this year. The first part, from October 4 to October 17, brings back Saving Transylvania. The players will battle cunning Rasputin and his scary minions to guide Transylvania through the Portal. Second part, A Light in the Dark, revolves around Transylvania as well, but this time it's about closing the Portal once and for all. Among prizes players can look forward to Premium ships, UK battleship Bellerophon at Tier III and Italian cruiser Genova at Tier IV, themed Commanders, crates, camouflages, and more in-game items.

The Red Navy bolsters its ranks again in World Of Warships: Legends. Cruisers Kotovsky at Tier IV, Gorky at Tier V, and Tallinn at Tier VI come with special missions, one for each, with the branch ready to become researchable in the next update with Tier VII Riga capping it off. Finally, 3.7 Update brings some significant balance and quality of life improvements, such as:

  • New audio system with distinguished sounds for different gun calibers and engine patterns being the biggest features.
  • Ship loadout preview for non-obtained ships (including Bureau and Premium ones), plus a brand new mission tab.
  • Nerfed aircraft carriers: concealment ranges decreased along with the Dark Silhouette skill toned down.

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