Yes, Xbox Will Be Releasing The Xbox Series X Fridge

What started as a joke is becoming a reality as Xbox revealed they will be releasing the Xbox Mini Fridge this holiday season. Now you too can finally drink energy drinks and small snacks in 4K 60fps as the team at Xbox Games Studios has decided to turn the joke into a reality and make their own officially approved version of the fridge for people to purchase. There have been a couple of imitators who have created one for their own marketing purposes, like the ZOA Energy Drink who created their own with their branding on it to help promote the launch of their brand. But this time around it is the genuine article as they have decided to make a mini-fridge that looks exactly like the Xbox Series X.

I wonder how much storage my soda will have now... Courtesy of Xbox Game Studios.
I wonder how much storage my soda will have now… Courtesy of Xbox Game Studios.

To be blunt, we don't really have any details on the fridge beyond what you see here and the video below, as this entire thing was basically a teaser to cap off the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase from E3 2021 today. Not like the company would go out of their way to release specs on a fridge that basically is going to hold 6-8 cans of soda or energy drinks, depending on the size. We are kind of curious what the audience for this is, as we know for a fact it would be a must-own item for a lot of streamers on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming to have off to the side or in the background as a prop. Same as how you see Red Bull fridges everywhere on gaming streams. Hopefully, in the Fall we'll get a better idea of what kind of price they're looking for on an item like this. For now, enjoy the teaser trailer.

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