You Can Buy An Empty "Animal Crossing" Nintendo Switch Box In Japan

In case you wanted to have a little flash and flair in your Nintendo collection for cheap, the company is selling empty Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch boxes. If you seriously want to look like you own one without actually owning one, you can buy this empty box, which is really on Nintendo's Japanese Store, for just over $5. As you can see from the instructions below, this box will come unassembled. In other words, it will be flat and you'll need to fold the box and construct it yourself. Here's a little more info on the box from the store.

You Can Buy An Empty "Animal Crossing" Nintendo Switch Box In Japan
Credit: Nintendo

Delivery boxes will be delivered before assembly. Assembling is performed by the customer. Please refer to the following page for the assembly procedure. Please note that we cannot take any responsibility for any damage or damage that occurs during assembly. This product is only an outer box. Partitions and printed matter in the box are not included. This product does not have the warranty column and barcode printed on it.

So you may be asking us, why would anyone just buy the box? It's more of a status symbol thing than anything else. This is for hardcore collectors, as well as those who wish to pretend they have one they've never opened. That's really all there is this. But the Animal Crossing version is the first time they've done this, as they sold empty Splatoon 2 boxes back in 2017 for the same purpose. Ultimately, its up to the fans whether or not its worth the $5 to own one. Would you buy an empty Switch box just to display it?

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