You Can Play The Original Pokémon Red On A Twitter Account

There's a Twitter account that's been gaining popularity this week as it allows you to play the original Pokémon Red frame by frame. Many of you may be familiar with the Twitch channel Twitch Plays Pokémon, in which the channel owner allows you and whoever else drops into their chat to play the game by entering a command into the chat that will move the character. The channel has been successful for years as it has allowed millions to group-play practically every title that they've been able to set up through the interface. Well, someone has decided to take that same concept and apply it to Twitter.

You Can Play The Original Pokemon Red On A Twitter Account
Credit: @screenshakes

Back on January 8th, the account known as @screenshakes, under the name Constantin Liétard, decided to take the account they've had since 2017 and convert it into a game for everyone to play. Right now, as we're writing this, you can go play the original Pokémon Red on their account. As seen here in the initial tweet that's been pinned to the top, all you have to do is reply to the tweet with one of the basic commands and it will allow you to play the game in frames with the results being posted in their avatar.

It's probably the jankiest way to play the game possible as you're basically playing catchup to a community that could be programming in hundreds of moves before yours even shows up. And for all we know, a lot of it will have you running in a circle, much the way the Twitch channel can get sometimes. But it's become a massive distraction for many this week and has caught the attention of many high-profile gamers who shared the tweet and even got in on the action. Feel free to head over and see if you can join in the fun.

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