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Unreleased Game Boy Accessory Revealed 20 Years Later In New Video
A brand new video from Did You Know Gaming has revealed an interesting unreleased Nintendo Game Boy accessory 20 years later The device in question is called the Page Boy, which would have been an additional cartridge accessory that you plugged into the game port on the back It basically looks like your Game Boy[...]
Auto Draft
A very cool item came our way recently as we received a special video game-related shadowbox of a Game Boy Color from GRID Studio We originally saw one of these displays on a YouTube channel where they were restoring old items, as they took apart game consoles and other electronics and brought them back to[...]
The Shapeshifter 2 Announces Kickstarter For October
The Shapeshifter 2, is the first and only Game Boy game that requires 2 cartridges to play, and not due to lack of space! The game will contain never-before-seen innovative gameplay mechanics that will be revealed soon The game will be fully compatible with all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance handhelds[...]
The Shapeshifter For Game Boy Releases Physical Copies This Month
Independent video game developer Green Boy Games has announced that The Shapeshifter, their game for the Game Boy handheld system, will be releasing physical copies sometime later this month This game is a release for the original Game Boy, many decades after its obsoletion by way of the Game Boy Color and a parade of other[...]
The Shapeshifter Achieves Its Kickstarter Goal In 12 Hours
Green Boy Games revealed today that their upcoming retro Game boy title The Shapeshifter has met its Kickstarter goal The game was launched on Kickstarter today with the hopes of raising about $7,300 to fund it As of the time we're writing this, the campaign has reached nearly $12k with 146 backers, and still has[...]
Someone Found The Game Boy Accessory WorkBoy
Back when the original Game Boy was released, Nintendo and other companies made a ton of accessories for it Everything from a camera to a printer to various lighting rigs to help you play the thing in the dark It truly was the era of random objects being made for gaming consoles that would eventually[...]
Where Is My Body? Is Getting A Physical Game Boy Release
Greenboy Games announced today that they will be doing a rare physical version for Game Boy for Where Is My Body? After launching a successful Kickstarter, the indie company behind the game will be releasing a version of the game in both the West and in Japan as a physical version with the original Game[...]
The Analogue Pocket May Be The Coolest Retro Handheld Ever
It'll be able to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games right out of the box. The system will feature a 3.5 inch LD screen, which will come rocking a maxim resolution of 1600 x 1400 Just as an aside, that's ten times more than anything the original Game Boy, plus you[...]
Freaker Sneaks Are Selling a Game Boy Pair for $1,350
Would you have any ambition to spend over $1,300 on a pair of sneakers? Freaker Sneaks are hoping you'll do so for a brand new pair of Game Boy themed sneakers The group is only making ten pairs of these special sneakers that are designed to look like the original Game Boy, in the shape[...]