Zombie Army 4 Season 2's Final Mission Is Now Live

Rebellion Developments have released the last DLC of Season 2 for Zombie Army 4 with the amazing Dead Zeppelin storyline. What's worse than having the undead travel across the ground? Having them in the air so they can get out of Germany and to anywhere in the world to spread like a plague. It's up to you and your crew to stop them at all costs before they manage to get away in this undead airship., Which, judging by the photos below, is not the best place for anyone to be as it appears to be partially constructed out of meat. This is an action-packed mission that puts a lot of things on the line, so of course, it's the hardest mission you'll have to battle to date. We have more details from the developers below of what's all in this DLC as well as the latest content drop for the game, along with a trailer for you to check out so you can see just how insane this one is.

Come fly the undead skies! Courtesy of Rebellion Developments.
Come fly the undead skies! Courtesy of Rebellion Developments.
Dead Zeppelin is the third and final mission in Season 2's thrilling new Death from Above campaign. The Resistance airfield may have been saved, but the jarring terror of an undead airship and its hellish arsenal still looms over mankind. You and your fellow deadhunters must chase the demonic airship down and bravely dare to board it. Will you be able to destroy it before it rains death upon the Earth? In addition to the Dead Zeppelin campaign mission, there's loads of new, fiendishly great content for Zombie Army 4 players to enjoy, all available individually or with Zombie Army 4: Season Pass Two. Today's new content drop includes:
Night Ops Jun Outfit
Toxic Hazard Weapon Skins
Black Ice Weapon Skins
Horror Charms Pack
Buckets Headgear Pack
7.65mm Polizeipistole Pistol Bundle
Nagant M1895 Pistol Bundle

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