2 Major Wrestling Stars Teasing WWE Debut

For fans of pro wrestling, there's no greater time than right before the debut or return of a wrestling superstar in WWE. It's a time of possibility, where anything can happen, and we can believe that WWE will handle the debut competently and produce exciting television filled with satisfying moments, before all of that is ruined in the service of 50/50 booking, Vince McMahon's superiority complex, and the never-ending goal of making Roman Reigns look strong.

Right now, the wrestling world is holding its collective breath in anticipation of the latest major wrestling superstars rumored to be heading to the company. If you don't like to be spoiled on your premeditated sporting events, click away now. If not, scroll below to find out who might show up on Raw or SmackDown Live in the near future.

spoiler Monday Night Raw

Following Matt Hardy's breakdown on Raw last Monday and reports that Impact Wrestling would no longer contest Hardy's ownership of the "broken" gimmick, rumors swirling around the dirt sheets say that WWE is planning to create a "new" character for Matt Hardy, one which will basically be his Broken Matt Hardy character, except not, because it must be copyrighted by WWE.

Hardy seemed to confirm the news on Twitter:

But if Hardy does become "woken" in WWE, he won't be coming along. Two former cohorts of Hardy from Impact Wrestling seem to be teasing a return to the ring as well, with Senor Benjamin, loyal servant to Hardy in the Broken universe but real-life father to Hardy's wife Reby, tweeting:

Additionally, Vanguard 1, a drone robotic servant to Hardy in character but in real life a drone owned by Impact official Jeremy Borash, also teased a debut:

Following that, Hardy, in character a deranged man obsessed with green beans but in real life a tortured amateur filmmaker, posted the following short film:

So it looks likely that Hardy will indeed become "woken" on Monday Night Raw soon, and he may well be joined by Senor Benjamin and Vanguard 1. And oh, how exciting it is. Until they all job to Bray Wyatt so that Wyatt can job to Finn Balor so that Balor can job to Brock Lesnar so that Lesnar can job to Roman Reigns, thus making Roman look strong.

Ah, what a time to be fan.

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