3 Scream Fan Theories We Most Likely Won't See Happen

Scream is miles away, but the film's social media team hasn't had any problem sharing teasers that continue to get dissected by the fandom. 

The love for Scream is one of the longest-running and most dedicated of the horror genre, which has sparked some very detailed theories that would be extremely shocking and or exciting. However, the window of opportunity might be a little less likely. Here are a few immersive ideas from Scream sleuths that (probably) won't be happening in the near future.

Dewey Is the Original Mastermind

One of the most niche and somehow oddly convincing theories you will find in the Scream universe is that fan-favorite Dewey Riley has been involved in the murders from the beginning.

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After watching the movies knowing these ideas, certain details stand out, such as Roman getting Sidney's phone number from Dewey, his ability to never receive a fatal wound when left for dead, or even his conversation with Randy in Scream 2 spotlighting the idea of a goofy facade.

The idea is almost so ridiculous that it actually works, so the thought of Sidney and Gale being betrayed by the person they trust most would be one of the biggest twists of the franchise. Something like this would be an epic reveal; however, I can't imagine the first film after Craven's passing would make a major role reversal for one of his beloved characters. Likely? Not very.

Sidney Will Become the Killer

Every time a character survives a horror movie for an extended period of time, people hope to see them become the villain thanks to The Dark Knight. However, that's just one idea that we don't really need to see. Sidney Prescott is the ultimate Scream Queen; she's overcome so much trauma, grief, and family history (not to mention seven serial killers), so to make her the killer and end her story in that way would feel like a predictable transition.

Sidney is a survivor, so to break that down and have her become everything she hates would feel like there was never any genuine buildup, so there's not a strong chance that Sidney will be found under that mask unless it's through a re-watch of the original when she unmasks after turning the tables on Billy.

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It's genuinely hard to even imagine a Scream film without Sidney, so shifting her character that drastically is something that I don't see this talented creative team doing whatsoever. 

Stu Lives

It has been mentioned by actor Matthew Lillard that there were originally talks that could have seen Stu return in Scream 3, having actually survived the killings and orchestrating murders as a cult leader from prison. This idea was allegedly dropped, and some of that could have potentially been the result of writer Kevin Williamson's procedural horror series The Following.

With decades having passed and Sidney having now returned to Woodsboro, there isn't really an active opportunity to say that he survived the murders. It would be a massive storyline, and by doing so, it would feel very difficult to rewrite the events of the last three chapters to fit the explanation.

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Some buzz around the new film suggests that there will be a lot of callbacks to the original, so that doesn't mean we won't be getting Stu references in some way — which would be such a treat for fans due to Lillard's perfect performance and Stu's manic level of intensity that made him one of the most memorable killers in the franchise. 

What are some Scream theories you believe are off the table?

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