A Totally Crazy Theory Of Who The Vigilante Is On Arrow

With the sixth season of Arrow fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about the different mysteries the writers left open. The obvious one of course is who lives after Lian Yu explodes and how are they changed. Another mystery is how will Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) deal with being a father. William (Jack Moore) has been his son for a few seasons now, but he hasn't actually had to be a dad yet. There is also the thought of how Oliver will have to help Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) to find his son. As you can tell, a lot of this season is going to be about family.


But there is one more mystery that has kind of been pushed to the back, and that is the identity of the Vigilante. We were told by producers that it's going to be someone we recognize and we know it's not Adrian Chase. If you look on-line there are quite a few different theories and some of them are pretty good including an alternate Earth doppelganger of Oliver Queen or Tommy Merlyn to it being Captain Frank Pike (Adrian Holmes), which is kind of interesting and seems almost plausible. Can't see it being Tommy because Colin Donnelly is still on another series. And another Oliver Queen just seems silly. If I was a betting man, I'd go with Pike.

But I'm not a betting man, I'm a writer and my thoughts went somewhere slightly different.

The season includes Katie Cassidy being back as Black Siren, the Laurel Lance of Earth-2, which means she probably went up against the protector of Starling City over there who may have followed her back and with Zoom gone, he has no way to get home. He heads to this Earth's Star City where he has to stay hidden, but he sees the same corruption taking over this city and see what the Green Arrow is doing is just a half measure. He upgrades his gear, can't be the hood since there is one here, and starts to clean up the city. They started calling him Vigilante, not like he named himself or has really said anything.

Yeah, my though is what if the Vigilante is Robert Queen from Earth-2? We saw in The Flash episode in season 2 that Oliver Queen died on the Queens Gambit and that Robert Queen returned home and became the protector of Starling City and like Oliver here, they started calling him the Vigilante. How much of a shock would it be if they pulled off that mask and we say Jamey Sheridan underneath? How much of a gut punch would that be to Oliver and Thea (Willa Holland)?

A Totally Crazy Theory Of Who The Vigilante Is On Arrow

It would play very well into the theme of family as Oliver must face off against a carbon copy of his father who is doing the exact same thing he's doing… and now Oliver see that through the eyes of a son as he tries to connect with his own son.

Again, it's just a theory… I have nothing to back it up on, but the pieces fit and from a story telling perspective it would make for some gripping drama.

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