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Peacemaker: Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Family Penultimate Showdown
While the HBO Max DC series Peacemaker focuses on its mentally unstable protagonist Chris Smith (John Cena), who tries to balance life as an ex-convict superhero marred by PTSD on a path to redemption trying to stave off an alien invasion, it's actually the masked partner in Adrian Chase aka Vigilante, played by Freddie Stroma,[...]
After getting a look at Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker's (Cena) sidekick & fine feathered father figure Eagly earlier today, viewers were treated to a second one-on-one introduction to a member of "Project: Butterfly." Following previous looks at Peacemaker, Eagly, Chukwudi Iwuji's Clemson Murn, Jennifer Holland"s Emilia Harcourt, Danielle Brooks's Leota Adebayo, and Steve Agee's John Economos,[...]
Peacemaker: Who is that Goofy Vigilante in the HBO Max Series?
The trailer for Peacemaker, James Gunn's TV series spinoff from The Suicide Squad was finally unveiled at DC Fandome this weekend, and Vigilante is in the cast Set after the movie, Peacemaker survived getting shot in the neck by Bloodshot (Idris Elba, who is not in the TV show) and gets tasked with a new[...]
With production still underway on series creator James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" spinoff series Peacemaker still underway for a January 2022 debut, Bridgerton star Freddie Stroma is stepping into the role of Adrian Chase aka Vigilante Stroma's Chase is described as a hand-to-hand combatant, a brilliant marksman, and a master of the lariat He was[...]
Peacemaker has expanded its cast (Image: HBO Max)
Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Perry Mason) joins The Suicide Squad spinoff as Auggie Smith, with Jennifer Holland (Brightburn, American Horror Story) reprising her role of Emilia Harcourt from Gunn's film, and Chris Conrad (Perpetual Grace, LTD., Patriot) taking on the role of Adrian Chase aka Vigilante The three actors John Cena, Steve Agee, and[...]
All rights Reserved. The big question going forward after last week is can they team trust Vigilante aka Vincent Sobel (Johann Urb) He stepped up twice, giving Dinah's team information and even killed Boots (Tobias Jelinek), saving Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez) But, of course, Oliver (Stephen Amell) is still unsure In the clip below, all of[...]
The writers of Arrow introduced the character the Vigilante last season, and at the time it felt a bit like a bait and switch specifically to mess with comic readers For the Arrow fans that just watch the show and don't really follow the comics, the reveal that Prometheus was really Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra)[...]
Arrow season 6 mid-season finale
Cayden James has taken him and wants a one-of-a-kind piece of tech that will amplify the bomb he's making and Argus has it. Spying on the rest of Team Arrow showed Dinah meeting with the Vigilante, so they assume it's her and leave her out as the rest of the team breaks into ARGUS and take[...]
But it's not the only return as the episode includes the return of the Vigilante and Agent Samanda Watson (Sydelle Noel) digging deeper into who is Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) In the video below, executive producer Wendy Mericle breaks down the episode. The main story will focus on Oliver and Slade going to Kasnia to find[...]
Don't you hate it when you absolutely know something to be true only to find out that it's not? Arrow did that to most of us comic fans last season when the introduced Adrian Chase and Vigilante to the Arrowverse In the comics, Adrian Chase IS Vigilante and actor Josh Segarra was coming along nicely[...]
Arrow season 6
But now we have to wonder: will the Vigilante will be part of them too? is reporting that the villain team is being set up as a direct counterpoint to Team Arrow They refer to Anatoly being the opposite of Oliver and Black Siren being the match for Black Canary They also talked with Stephen[...]
As you can tell, a lot of this season is going to be about family. But there is one more mystery that has kind of been pushed to the back, and that is the identity of the Vigilante We were told by producers that it's going to be someone we recognize and we know it's not[...]
Almost everyone was certain that Adrian Chase was the Vigilante because that's who he is in the comics But as of Wednesday we were reminded that what happens in the comics may not happen in the TV series Adrian Chase is Prometheus, meaning that the Vigilante's identity is back up in the air again And[...]
Holy Metal Balls… Prometheus Revelation Is A Shocker
While this is happening the Vigilante decides to go after the Mayor for corruption But we all know from the comics that Adrian Chase is the Vigilante… so maybe he was trying to make the Mayor more sympathetic to voters since someone is trying to kill him Put him back in the light of a[...]
The Past Returns To Haunt Oliver Queen In More Ways Than One
Now if he just gets his T-Spheres up and running it will be perfect. Next week there is an impeachment hearing and the Vigilante goes after Oliver Queen for corruption… which seems kind of weird since in the comics Adrian Chase is the Vigilante and he's the one who actually decided to cover up Green Arrow's[...]