Baby Driver 2 Script Is Done After Three Drafts Says Edgar Wright

Baby Driver 2 has a finished script says Edgar Wright. The sequel to the smash hit of 2017 has been talked about almost as soon as the audience was down viewing the first film. Wright is out doing promo for his upcoming documentary The Sparks Brothers, and putting the finishing touches on his horror film Last Night in Soho, which was recently delayed yet again until October 22nd because of the pandemic and the ongoing theater shutdowns and slow starts. So, he has had some time on his hands to revisit the world of Baby Driver. As he tells Variety, he has finished the script for the film. In fact, three drafts were made.

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But When Will We See Baby Driver 2?

"It's written. I've written like three drafts of it. You get fans on social media asking, 'what's happening with blah blah blah,' and it's like, 'You know there's a global pandemic, right?" He may have a point there. Wright has never been a director to rest on his laurels. If he was we would have our seventh Shaun of the Dead film coming out this year. No, he reinvents himself constantly and loves being creative. It is telling though that this film is the one he settled on a sequel for.

I have to confess, I am most excited about the music we may get in this one. Sound and music played such an important role in that first Baby Driver, that I am very curious about what we might get in part two. Other than that, the cast should be mostly new, without getting into spoiler territory, and I am sure there is no shortage of people who want to work with Wright. When will we see it go in front of cameras? Who knows. But it is nice to know that it may happen in the future.

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