Batman: Bad Blood Sneak Peak At NYCC '15


By Octavio Karbank

Throughout my time at various comic cons, I've noticed some panels begin a little differently than others. By that I mean the Batman: Bad Blood panel, over in Main Stage 1-D, began with something of a dance party. With a DJ to kick things off, audience members took to the aisles, and for a moment I could've sworn I was in a panel for Step Up.

Of course the dancing festivities had to end in order to make room for the main event: Batman: Bad Blood. After a few jokes from the moderator, the crowd was treated to the, currently unreleased, trailer for DC's next animated feature. Featuring a couple surprises, like Dick Grayson as Batman, and the introduction of Batwing and Katherine Kane's Batwoman to the animated cinematic universe, the trailer was full of explosions and crowd-pleasing karate chops and peppy one-liners. With the inclusion of these marvelous characters, the audience couldn't help but break out into massive applause once the lights came back on.

The cast, or at least Jason O'Mara (Batman), Gaius Charles (Batwing), director Jay Oliva and others, then got brought on stage, and began talking about the thought process in bringing Batwing and Batwoman front and center into DC Comics's animated universe. With Batman missing, presumed dead, Robin and the new Batman need all the help they can get! One of the cool reveals was the announcement that Batwing's outfit is actually the Batman Beyond 1.0 uniform! Exciting stuff!

Finally came the Q&A portion of the panel. Oftentimes, nothing notable gets revealed, but that was not the case here. We were informed about a couple things. Firstly, there's a new Justice League movie in the works.

Secondly, fans have been asking about the return of the much-loved Young Justice TV show. To that, DC only said that their pleas for more Young Justice have been heard. Make of that what you will. Yet it was revealed that there currently plans for the Teen Titans, so maybe that's what we'll get instead. Only time will tell.

When somebody asked about Jason Todd and Tim Drake, and how they haven't been seen as Robin in the animated movies, the response was nothing but enticing. In short, Jason Todd and Tim Drake do exist within the animated universe; they just haven't been Robin…yet.

Getting to see several more clips only reinforced the notion that Batman: Bad Blood will definitely be another great piece of animated cinema.

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