Bazooka Gum Documentary Available Online Right Now

Bazooka bubble gum is an institution and one of the most iconic brands in history. A new documentary about the 75-year history of the gum, Bazooka Bubble Gum Turns 75. Featuring interviews with toy designer David Vonner, Ming Chen, and cartoonist and editor Art Spiegelman, this is the definitive look at the origin of the name, flavor, and the comics we know and love featuring Bazooka Joe. Fun fact: I learned that former Disney CEO Michael Eisner owns the company now. Wild. You can watch the whole thing down below.

Bazooka Is Everyone's First Gum, Is It not?

"Titled "Bazooka Bubble Gum Turns 75," takes fans from the brand's humble beginnings to the creation of the Bazooka Joe character and the comics, characters, and prizes. Fans will be able to reminisce and explore how the brand has solidified its place in pop culture through a distinctive, one-of-a-kind flavor, unique name, and its ability to transform an industry'. The short film is directed by Daniel Brea of the award-winning indie short American Hate and produced by Chris McKee, an award-winning producer of the HBO series, The Black List. Viewers will be captivated by first-hand stories from the individuals who ensured the success of Bazooka's classic legacy both on shelves and in the hearts of fans around the world. Michael Eisner, Owner of the Bazooka Companies, discusses the long legacy of the brand. Arthur Shorin, former CEO of Topps and the son of Bazooka founder, shares his stories from a lifetime at the company and gives insight into the secret formula of the gum, as well as the true origin of the name."

Bazooka Gum Documentary Available Online Right Now
Credit Topps/Bazooka

"Die-hard Bazooka Comic fans will also have the opportunity to hear from Art Spiegelman, Pulitzer Prize winner and world-renowned cartoonist. Spiegelman began his incredible career as a summer hire, where a number of his favorite cartoonists had worked. He shares his experience being part of the trailblazing brand from the ground up and being inspired to create the comics by some of his own idols."

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