Batman Himself Ben Affleck Calls Kevin Feige "Greatest Producer Ever"

Ben Affleck, whose portrayal of Batman will forever be underrated in my eyes, has played multiple superheroes, of course. He also played blind lawyer Matt Murdock in the Daredevil film from 2003. Like his portrayal of Batman, that Daredevil film is not as terrible as people remember, especially the director's cut. Anyway, when he made that film, Marvel Studio's overlord Kevin Feige was a co-producer, and the two must still be close. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ben Affleck sang the praises of the MCU architect, calling him "the greatest producer who ever lived."

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Who Are We To Argue With Batman Or Ben Affleck

"F***ing Kevin Feige is absolutely; you have to say, the greatest producer, most successful producer who ever lived," Affleck said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "He's the only guy in the world who, if he told me, 'I know what the audience wants! This is what we're doing!' I would believe him 100%." That f***er knows his audience like no producer (ever); he's a genius. Kevin is like a ringmaster at the circus; he knows exactly how much to wink at the audience, exactly when to pull at the heartstrings, exactly when to do the effects, how many jokes, what the sensibility, what the tone is. Because people didn't know to run away from the pajamas or embrace it or make it serious."

Now that his time as Batman is over as of the release of The Snyder Cut this spring, could he be angling for another go in the MCU? Maybe Doctor Doom in the Fantastic Four film? I am not saying at all that is what I want to happen, but it would not shock me to see him announced to be making some kind of appearance. Everyone else who has ever been in a Marvel film sounds like they will be in Spider-Man 3

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