Ben Affleck Now Says He Is Excited For The Batman And It Is 'Ahead Of The Curve'


Trying to figure out what is going on with the Ben Affleck's Batman movie is a rollercoaster these days. He seems hesitant about in some interviews, excited in others. Just last night, we heard the film might be in trouble in a report, as it was moved back from its Spring start date.

And we come here bearing more gifts, this time with Affleck very positive about the film and saying it is 'ahead of the curve'. Speaking to IGN (via ScreenRant), Affleck reiterated he is very excited about the film, and what it is currently going through is the same as any other film he has worked on. He said:

It's the same thing as any other movie. When I'm excited about it, we're working on the scripts, when we get there we're gonna make it. I'm really excited. There's great stuff in it now, it just needs to get better and better.

And it's the same way I felt about [Live By Night] when I was prepping it, it's just that no one was asking me questions because nobody gave a s***, because there wasn't any click-throughs. But it took me a year plus to get this movie ready to launch. Hopefully it won't take me that long for Batman. But we're working, I think we're ahead of the curve, and we're excited.

My feeling, honestly, is this is probably a bit of press overload. Affleck also pointed to doing press for Batman v Superman, while finishing Live By Night, before shooting Justice League, then going into press for The Accountant and he is now doing press for Live By Night. Affleck has been in front of journalists for a long time this year meaning he will say different things to different people, a lot. Hopefully, he does find a break now to hunker down and get this written and made.

[Update: And just to slam this home, Affleck was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and as EW report, he said something very similar.

I'm gonna direct the next Batman. We're working on it," he told Kimmel. "It's one of those things that's really frustrating — with Live by Night, it took me a year and a half to write it and get it ready and I worked really hard, and nobody gave a sh–. No one was like, 'Where's Live by Night?!' But with Batman I keep on getting, 'Where's the f—ing Batman?!' and I'm like, 'I'm working! Can you give me a second?!"

Here is the video!

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