Blizzard's Overwatch Is Considering Other Platforms At the Moment


Blizzard's newest IP Overwatch has slowly been ramping up its marketing, with new characters being reveal semi-regularly. The game has a ton of potential, what with it coming from World of Warcraft creators Blizzard, to blow our socks off and become a huge hit.

You'd expect the game to hit PC first, what with that being Blizzard's domain, but it turns out that other platforms might still be on the table. Speaking to GameMaster (via GamesRadar+), Designer Jeffrey Kaplan explained that the possibility of seeing the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is thanks to the success of Diablo 3 on the consoles:

I think, you know, that's an idea that excited us a lot here, I think what… Diablo 3 enjoyed a lot of success across platform with its, you know, Reaper of Souls. So it's something that's very much on our mind, we're still working out the entire business model and exactly, you know, how is this game going to present itself to fans?

And as part of that, you know, we'll be looking into other platforms, obviously we want our games to reach as many people as possible, as developers, you know, thats… you want to engage the community at any level that you can, but right now the only platform that we've announced is PC and you know the future is going to tell us what else is out there for Overwatch.

Overwatch s looking like a very bright and inventive shooter from what I've seen. I like the almost MOBA style mechanics it has. It could absolutely kill on consoles and I wholly expect Blizzard to come to the same conclusion.

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