Bob Iger To Leave Disney In 2019 After Seeing Early Cut Of Star Wars Episode IX

We finally know when Bob Iger will leave his position as CEO of Disney: after he gets to watch Star Wars: Episode IX before anyone else!

Bob Iger To Leave Disney In 2019 After Seeing Early Cut Of Star Wars Episode IX

Iger revealed the news today somewhere on his press tour where he addressed a wide array of issues ranging from NFL #TakeTheKnee protests to gun control to Disney's new streaming service, giving more credence to theories that he's planning to run for public office after leaving Disney. Speaking of which, that will apparently happen in mid-2019.

So why that date? Well, we already know that Iger was scheduled to leave Disney in July of 2018, but he announced back in February that he was going to stick around a little longer. Why? He didn't give a reason, but we do know that Iger had seen an early cut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi around that time.

The Last Jedi isn't set to come out until December, but thanks to his position as Disney boss, Iger got to see it February, 10 months early. At that time, Episode 9 was scheduled to come out in May 2019, which means that the earliest Iger could see an early cut of the film would be ten months earlier, in, you guessed it, July 2018. But Iger must have seen trouble on the horizon, because after he decided to stay at Disney, we soon learned that director Colin Trevorrow would part ways with Disney, forcing them to bring back JJ Abrams for Episode 9, and pushing the movie's release date back to December 2019, which means, of course, that if Iger wants to see an early cut of Star Wars Episode IX, he will have to stick around until at least mid-2019, as he now says he will.

Hopefully, there are no more delays with Star Wars Episode 9, and Bob Iger can move on to the next phase of his life: running for president. We'll keep you posted.

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