The Legion Of Doom Expands It's Membership

This article contains spoilers for the Legends of Tomorrow episode – Fellowship of the Spear.







This is one of those good news, bad news episodes for the Legends. Good news: you get all the pieces of the spear and figure out how to destroy it. Bad news: You lose the spear and the way to destroy it. So is the life of a Legend.

The episode starts with Rip telling the other he knows where the Legion is holding up, in the Vanishing Point. They head there and steal the Legion's pieces of the spear, combining them together and reforming the mystical weapon. Rory tries to burn the thing, doing no damage but revealing and inscription that tells Nate they need the blood of Christ to destroy the spear and he has an idea who can help them find it… Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien. The author also wrote a book on Sir Gawain and how he didn't bring back the holy grail but rather Christ's blood. They have to find Tolkien and get him to lead them to the blood.

Meanwhile Rory is seeing his old partner Leonard Snart again, who tries to remind him that he's not really one of the Legends. They don't trust him. That he doesn't have friends, but he had a partner. The problem is, this isn't a hallucination like Rory was having… this is the actual Leonard Snart plucked out of the timeline prior to becoming a Legend. The old, cold and merciless Snart who is now part of the Legion of Doom. He and Damien Darhk confront part of the team when they are looking for the body of Sir Gawain and again when they are using the spear to find the blood. When they appear, Rory is holding the spear, and decides to go with his old partner over his teammates.

The episode ends with the full legion – Reverse-Flash, Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, Captain Cold and Heatwave – all holding onto the spear as they re-wrote reality.

A few things that popped up in the episode of interest. Tolkien's role was pretty big overall and Nate seemed genuinely effected by both the loss of his grandfather and the realization that the pulled Tolkien out of the war, gave him hope, and then dropped him right back into the trenches. Amaya was also greatly effected by seeing the war to the point where she wanted to use the spear to change things, certain she could control it. She started quetioning Sara's decisions. We know that next season will shake up the crew again, but it looks to be falling apart already.

Love seeing Firestorm turn Thawne's vault into jelly beans… Rip's favorite candies… and I think we got only a little of Merlyn and Stein because both of them were shooting the Flash musical around the same time.

They've been betrayed, lost the spear, lost the thing that could destroy the spear and the Legion of Doom is re-writing reality. The Legends couldn't possibly fail anymore… right? Maybe they'll be better in the new reality. The penultimate chapter, Doomworld, airs next week.

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