How Cat Grant Almost Saved The Planet On Supergirl

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Last night we get the penultimate chapter of Supergirl season two and a lot of it was good. The return of Lillian Luther, Hank Henshaw, President Olivia Marsdin and Cat Grant introduced some potential story lines to follow up with later or next season. An alien President is bound to be a big story in season three. But I'm going to hit the highlights on things from last night that stood out to me.

Calista Flockhart's return as Cat Grant was something I didn't think was needed and then was quickly proven wrong. I never liked the whole secret identity / mousy Kara thing and it always felt like a performance for the Grant character. But last night I was reminded of the Cat / Supergirl scenes where she is more of a mentor to the young hero. Her advice to Supergirl in the alley was great, but her speech to the city as a distraction was epic. She's to Kara what Jay Garrick is to Barry Allen… a guiding force.

My next point may get some grief… but Alex Danvers needs to be fired from the DEO. Twice this season she has specifically disobeyed orders and made decisions based on her heart, putting others at risk. She allowed her father to get away not knowing what he was doing, then she hesitated firing the positron cannon because of one life on board the ship. The delay allowed the enemy to destroy the weapon. For an organization like the DEO, that type of insubordination can't be tolerated regardless of the reasons.

We saw the two sides of Supergirl tonight. The side that didn't fall for Lillian's lie and expected to be betrayed. Her having Wynn hack Henshaw was genius. Yet seconds after revealing that, she send Mon-El back to Earth on his own so she could naively go and offer Rhea a chance to surrender. Had Rhea acted any different than Lillian? They seemed very similar in their willingness to harm innocents. Just strange to see her go from experienced to aw-shucks in the same scene.

Once again… or in this case still… J'onn J'onzz is taking out of the battle. One of the most powerful heroes in the DC universe and the writers are constantly finding ways to take him out of the fight. It looked like they were doing that with Guardian again as well, but he did get the "save the day" moment in CatCo which also lead to the best moment of Cat knowing its James because she can see his eyes. Yet she doesn't know Kara is Supergirl? Between last episode having Guardian's armor scare people and this week his armor looking so similar to the bad guys… if they producers aren't moving towards him going blue and gold soon, then they're wasting a lot of good setup for the move.

The whole Lena / Mon-El marriage thing seemed weird to me until the mention of making a child from their DNA. I'd be stunned if this doesn't lead to a TV version of Conner Kent. Of course in the comics Conner is a mix of Kal-El and Lex Luthor DNA, so Mon-El and Lena isn't too far off. It's also the only reason I can think of why it would've come up in the episode. But this leads me to question if Rhea can control Superman, why didn't she just control Mon-El to leave with her? Or control Supergirl to send Mon-El away?

And finally, staying with Mon-El… how much time does he have left in the show? The character in the comics ends up getting lead poisoning so severe he has to go into the Phantom Zone until a cure can be found. And he's there until the Legion of Superheroes in the 30th century. They've established the lead poisoning thing earlier this season and now there is a Phantom Zone Projector. The pieces are there.

Doesn't look like the fight between Superman and Supergirl is going to go long as the trailers show us a big trial by combat between Supergirl and Rhea. We also get our first look at General Zod.

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