Category: Video Games Podcast – Talking Zelda Series, Evolve, Bethesda And More With Matt McMuscles From Super Best Friends

Category: Video GamesAfter announcing that Bleeding Cool was hosting Category: Video Games podcast last week, we've gotten some great feedback from lots of people. We're excited to keep bringing you the show, for those who like their gaming news in audio-discussion form with worthwhile guests.

This week Me, Laura and Andre were joined by Matt MvMuscles from the incredibly popular Super Best Friends Play and the Super Best Friendcast. It was a blast. We talk about the potential Zelda Netflix series, Bethesda's E3 Press Confrence, that Persona 5 trailer, Street Fighter 2 on the Virtual Boy and more.

You'll also get a bit of a run down of my experiences with Evolve so far, which should be better and more deeply explored in a review later this week.

I hope you enjoy. Keep sending us feedback, be it for who you'd like to see on the show or any changes you wouldn't mind seeing. You can contact us at @CategoryVG or me directly @PatrickDane on Twitter.