CinemaCon 2021: A Liveblog of the NEON Panel for All You Indie Lovers

CinemaCon is the convention for theater owners and the last time they had an event was in March of 2019. The tone of that convention was very "we don't need to worry about VOD, streaming isn't a problem, it'll be fine," as we went into the release of Avengers: Endgame being one of the biggest movies of all time. This time, it's going to be a very different sounding convention as theaters have been forced to deal with streaming, PVOD, and everything else with the pandemic. We'll have to see how this one turns out. Another bright and early morning for this Bleeding Cool writer as NEON hosts a nice hour-long presentation.

CinemaCon: MGM/UA Bring New No Time to Die Clip & Title Announcements
CinemaCon 2021. Credit: Denz

In terms of who is putting out the best of independent cinema right now, it's probably a tie with NEON and A24, with Searchlight coming as a very close second. Unfortunately, of those three, only NEON has decided to come out and host a small presentation this year. There likely won't be anything here that people will recognize, but there is a chance that an award-winner could be hiding in the crop of movies that will be announced and shown. And sometimes, these smaller panels end up being really cool. For example, Amazon hosted a smaller presentation with a nice lunch and fancy food. Then they showed up the mirror dancing room scene from the Suspiria remake, and boy did that ever set a tone if there ever was one. So maybe come and keep me company during this liveblog, and we can chat about what we're looking forward to within the indie side of filmmaking. There is a chance that the liveblog feature can be a bit weird, so make sure you refresh the page to see the feed show up. Don't be afraid to comment as we go along and ask questions:

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