CinemaCon: Lionsgate Ends the Show With Feel Good Movies and Moonfall

We're at the final presentation recap for CinemaCon 2021. This convention has been a bit lacking in a couple of different ways. No one really addressed the hybrid releases or streaming or VOD thing. The industry cannot clap its hands over its ears and yell until theaters start to open up again. It's just not realistic. Yet here we are with the final studio presentation. No one has really come forward to say anything of merit aside from assuring theater owners they are committed to the theatrical experience. This is exactly the line they toed in 2019, and things are just a little bit different. Lionsgate might have had one of the better panels of the con. They had quite a few movies to show off and briefly teased things in 2022 and beyond.

CinemaCon: Lionsgate Ends the Show With Feel Good Movies and Moonfall
Lionsgate Logo at CinemaCon 2021. Credit: Kaitlyn Booth

If feel-good movies are your thing, then Lionsgate is the studio you need to clap an eyeball on immediately. They are leaning into the feel-good thing big time. We got a teaser, a clip, and a release date for American Underdog, and that looks to be a good time for everyone to remember that Zachary Levi can do dramatic acting as well. The clip they showed was the moment that Kurt Warner is told that he makes the team. If these types of sports movies are your thing, you'll probably be into this one. The Unbreakable Child is another based on a true story movie about a kid with brittle bones and who is autistic. Again, if this is something you seek out, you'll probably be interesting. The trailer gave some serious weepy vibes. It will be released on March 18th.

Where Lionsgate really injected some life into the proceedings, after a brief look at the documentary about Christian music that my dad is going to love, is when they introduced Moonfall. This is the new movie from Roland Emmerich, and no one does disaster movies better than him. We got to see the movie's opening scene when a group of astronauts is attacked by some sort of goo that looked like Venom. They turn and see a giant tornado on the surface of the moon. The teaser trailer features a shot of the moon crashing into Earth in reverse slow motion. During the final sizzle reel, Halle Berry says the line "the moon is the biggest coverup of humankind," which is just a hell of a line. It'll be out on February 4th. Then we got a quick look at the new horror The Devil's Light, and it just looks generic as hell.

Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent - CinemaCon poster
Photo Credit: Denz. Used with permission.

Then Lionsgate broke out the big guns. They showed up the first footage of The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, and it looks incredible. It features Nicholas Cage playing himself, a he goes through a career transition and gets paid to hang out with a rich guy (Pedro Pascal). It turns out Pedro is a wanted criminal, and Cage is brought in to try and help bring him down. It looks absolutely insane, and there is a moment where Cage screams, "I'm Nic Fuuuuuuucking Cage." There was not a single moment of that footage that didn't look amazing. This is a movie that went from an unknown to the top of my list.

From there, we got a long sizzle reel from Lionsgate from a bunch of upcoming movies. We got some very brief footage from Borderlands that looked incredible. We get another Jennifer Lopez movie in Shotgun Wedding. We got maybe two seconds of new John Wick footage as well. That final sizzle reel was really too brief and went by too fast to get anything of substance. With that, the final presentation of CinemaCon ended, and we'll all be back during April 2022.

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