Cloverfield Franchise Is Getting A Shared Universe With God Particle Third In The Series


It had been speculated for some time that the J.J. Abrams produced God Particle would be another film in the Cloverfield franchise, following this year's 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Well, we now have confirmation on that, but also news of something bigger. The Wrap have revealed that God Particle, which takes place in space, will be the third in the franchise, but what is more, it is all part of Paramount's plans for a shared universe. They are planning a whole bunch more and word is that they'd live to get a new film out each year.

That's about the extent to what we know here. A 'shared' Cloverfield universe seems like an odd idea, but I don't think it is talking about it in the 'Marvel' kind of way. There were links between 10 Cloverifeld Land and Cloverfield but they were subdued. My hope is those connections stay like that, as bringing together a bunch of little sci-fi horror movies sounds… weird.